Medusa Editions

Medusa editions available in Toronto at Rotate This and Soundscapes. Select titles available from add Infinite Limits, Volcanic Tongue (Europe), Eclipse and Fusetron (USA) and Art Into Life (Japan).

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Ashtray Navigations Three Spots Two Circles double 3" & Poster $15.00 (Medusa 014) Edition of 50 OOP

from Volcanic Tongue, 9.9.12. "Edition of 50 copies double 3 set packaged with a large fold-out two-colour silkscreen poster by Phil Todd: this beautifully presented set collects seven tracks across two discs that unfold with an uncanny minimalist logic, moving from slow avant-classical piano laments and the kind of lucid string drones of Takehisa Kosugi into walls of buckling electronics and spiralling drones. In a way this is one of Phils most gracefully and rigorously conceived works, with a lucid, austere quality that reflects more on modern classical and 20th century avant garde modes than any avant garage configuration and its all the more striking for it. Ashtray Navigations remain a singular concern. Highly recommended."

Pauline Oliveros Two From Seven Passages, Excerpt 1, 2 (1963) 7 Art Edition $15.00 Edition of 150

from Volcanic Tongue, 9.9.12. "Deluxe edition of only 150 copies archival release of material from 1963 in honour of composer Pauline Oliveross 80th birthday: packaged in a silver screen print fold out quad box with screened card insert, Two From Seven Passages presents excerpts from a 1963 recording made at the San Francisco Tape Music Centre for a dance choreographed and performed by Elizabeth Harris with Oliveros performing the music. Oliveros uses the internal strings on a piano as well as a series of bowed flexible brass rods from a telephone exchange to generate amazingly resonant Industrial instants that combine percussive pianistic reveries with the sound of scorched metal and warped protesting drones. Fantastic and highly recommended."

MV & EE with The Golden/Bummer Road "Lazy Light/Lead Me To Vibration 7" Art Edition $20.00 Edition of 125

from Volcanic Tongue:

Stunningly presented art edition 7 from MV & EE with two different big band line-ups, all packaged in a fully hand-screened fold-out box in an edition of only 150 copies. This is a phenomenal set, with an A side that just explodes out of the gate, marrying tortuous Kousokuya style fuzz with bandstand rocking rhythms and euphoric male/female vocals. The feel is of a John Oswald Frankenstein creation with a live track thats been massively fucked with and overdubbed to create a hallucinatory amalgam of rural glam and excessive garage wah. The flip is just as potent, again with live recordings, this one from an inspired trio meltdown w/Mo Jiggs that gets all the way out, marrying Alan Silva-style string wrestling and scattershot percussion with a Sky Saxon leads the Ya Ho Wha hallelujah orchestra feel that comes over like a Tower Recordings session beamed way into the future. A stunning release, overflowing with ideas and maybe the perfect distillation of the many thought-paths of this amazing group. Highly recommended!

Brian Ruryk/Fleshtone Aura 'fOR PHIL NOV8/Gino's Diarrhea Stereo Revised' C-24 Cassette $8.00 (Medusa 089) Edition of 100

Stomach Ache and Psychic Encumbrance joint chiefs sign an exclusive contract with medusa to release this phenomenal sonic beach party adventure. Ruryk and Zukerman are the rightful heirs to the GRM/Radiophonic dada collage tradition of sound reconstruction. This cassette finds them in peak form as they both apply their craft to properly rearrange your neurological organs.


Not The Wind Not The Flag - Esoteric Cycle Cassette C-40 (Medusa #044)

Recorded by Doc Dunn at The Bunker, mixed at Polyphasic, Valdivia and Fisher return with another life-bomb for fragile skulls. A beautiful, hypnotic session captured on synthetic bandage by Toronto's main mind imploders, the real OG's of the free-music SEEN that will decimate your face-tone. Surround sound.


Ashtray Navigations - Human Wrecktronics C-22 Cassette (Medusa #102) $10.00
(cigarette box edition designed by Horwood, artwork, Phil Todd, assembly Doc, Horwood, Senior)

Ash/Nav. This summer offering features longtime collaborators Melanie O Dubshi'aine (Ocelocelot), Neil Campbell and Phil Legard (Xenis Emputae Travelling Band). A journey into 2001 space odyssey territory guided by Irlicht pulsations and visuals, and neuro-psychic emotion. A 'heavy session players' cassette directed by Phil Todd with 2 color silkscreen design & art by the man himself. Not to be missed and a precursor to the upcoming double 3" CD and poster.


U.S. Girls - 'Early Works' C-25 Cassette Medusa (011) $8.00

Edition of 100. Hard-stock paper, velcrow enclosure, 1 color print. Art: by M. Remy, assembly by Horwood/Senior.

In anticipation of a short US tour in June we thought we'd enlighten you a bit by re-issuing these key early tracks, 1st time on cassette. 8 tracks totalling 21 minutes collecting previously issued out print tracks from the first 2 7"s on Cherry Burger Records (2008), & Not Not Fun (2009) and the cassingle on Hardscrabble Amateurs (2008). Higher Key.

The Piss Superstition - Dallas' Amp C-30 Cassette (Medusa 062) $8.00 (cigarette box edition designed by Horwood, Artwork, Julian Bradley/Horwood)

The Piss Superstition is the pseudonym of one Mr. Julian Bradley from Leeds, England. His name should be familiar to those immersed in the deep work of Vibracathedral Orchestra as well as his stellar solo CDs on Chocolate Monk and Veglia. For those still recovering from the 'A Themepark For Whatever Happened Before' LP, he dropped in 2010, comes 4 new tracks clocking in at 29:45 to help you manage your schizoid embollisim.

Julian Bradley released 3 others Piss Superstition CD's. 2006's self released 'Valentine, The World Hates Us' and 'Fires For Progress' as well as 2007's 'Suppose The Blood Bath Comes' on Poot Records. Zoned.


C-90 Cassette Arwork: Helder Luis Design by Horwood.
(Medusa 088) $10.00 Edition of 75. (Please add $5.00 shipping and handling in north america and $7.00 for the world)

Medusa is thrilled to premiere the Space Collective release series. At the core of this group is Lisbon based artist Rafael Toral. Born in 1967, he has been exploring sound and creating worlds within worlds since 1984. His sublime and philosophical approach to sound creates wave-fields of thought exploding into a multi-dimensional experience along the space-time continuum. This edition will be of particular interest to neuro and brain-tone scientists.


Rafael Toral: electronic instruments and direction
Riccardo Dillon Wanke: rhodes piano
Afonso Simes: drums and percussion
Recorded at Out.Fest, Teatro Municipal do Barreiro (Portugal), October 14, 2010.

Part I 15:01
Part II 15:02
Part III 15:03

Full 45' repeated on each side for continuous listening experience
(digital copy furnished with your edition upon request)


Steve Gunn 'Human Condition/Trances' 7" 45 Lathe - 3 color screen print quad fold-out box. (7.25x 7.25x0.25) Design by Horwood. (Medusa 044) $25.00 Edition of 25. (Please add $5.00 shipping and handling in north america and $7.00 for the world)

Gunn is a contemporary American guitarist based in Brooklyn, New York. His sonic investigations and forays as one half of the duo GHQ with Marcia Bassett, as well as many other affiliations with underground burners such as Willie Lane, Tom Carter and Shawn David McMillen have been melting brains in the bunkers of many a smoked cortex for a number of years now. Gunn continues to humbly cultivate an impressive living archive combining traditional, raga and zoned mutant hybrids, etching, hewing and blasting open new forms, tones and bones.

Steve Gunn - Human Condition (Alan Wilson)/ Trances

Recorded by SG on 12/31/10 at Boerum Palace, Brooklyn NY

(digital copy furnished with your edition upon request)


Solar Fox 'Infinity Rituals' C-52 Cassette. (Sealed, 3 color screen print on 18pt board hand-cut wrap around in sleeve.) $7.00 (Medusa 077) (Please add $3.00 shipping and handling in north america and $5.00 for the world) Edition of 100.

Medusa is honored to present 'Infinity Rituals', the first album by Solar Fox featuring Chicago's Plastic Crimewave and Ms. Libby. Clocking in at just under 50 minutes, this release comprises live and studio sessions by this 2 note martian psych/cosmic choir-chant duo that will blow your balloon bag in two. Imagine a debris blasted satellite floating through space manned by Sergius Golowin's distane future relative and his cosmic sister. Seriously delivers on the 'Garden Of Delights' territory astral zones, bleached in pastoral hymn. Trust me, you'll be peeling your face off the ceiling with a spatula after this one. FRIED and CRISPY.

(digital copy furnished with your edition upon request)


Doc Dunn - 'Mountain Wind, Mountain Rain' C-40 Cassette (Medusa 021)
Handmade, fold-out 'cigarette box' with 2 inserts by Jacob Horwood. $10.00

Doc's release is a cassette reissue of his 2004 private press CD-R, Mountain Wind, Mountain Rain. It originally appeared in a miniscule edition of maybe 25 copies and included a small block of painted wood, wrapped in beautiful paper and some pine needles. Listening to this tape is like driving up a circuitous route around a holy mountain through dense fog, rain and sunlight. Carrying the weight of the psychic past ascending towards breaking though into the atmosphere in orbital spiritual modal nodes. Highly Recomended.

Edition of 100


Hand In Hand - Prayers To An Echo God 7" 45 Hand-cut Lathe. $25.00 (Medusa 055) Edition of 32

Dave Nuss can usually be found at the centre of the world. Working, collaborating, teaching and expanding his cosmic and psychic reach ever outwards in his eternal work to be and bring redemption and peace through sound, art and the work of truth. Together with Stellar Om Source, Susanne Skov Gronland and Jakob Olausson, they are Hand In Hand and they bring you LIGHT.

Side A - No Goal Can Be Too High (3:27)
Side B - Light (4:30)

Layout/Design/: Nuss/Horwood

Kanada 70 - 'Whumble Scrap SSE' C-40 (Cassette) (Medusa 027) $10.00

Craig Dunsmuir stands alone in his approach to creating a travelogue of the mind through it's sonic seasons. Here in Canada, that means something. His collabo record with Sandro Perri. Glissandro 70, is much beloved and cited here purely to inform you that this gent's got an archive of mind funk going back to the PAST. And that brings us to this tape. Boretronix beats from the streets. Amazing found tape, real people vibe, goes from 'being in a garbage can to shuggie otis and back to mars.' Walkman mega-force dance cave. Collectors realize. If you are lucky enough to collect a few of the dozens of limited free-white sleeve CD-R beat/noise/prog/sound collage albums K70 churns out, then you'll be very happy to plunk down the duckets for this very special medusa release. Printed here is a track listing. A medusa first.

A1 Whoop (for A. Dilloway & J. Wiese) (from K70-11, Whoop)
A2 Nohassle (from K70-4, Me Kanumble)
B1 Son Of Early Morning: Brothers (Tearing Up) (from K70-10, Scrap App)
B2 Crawdem Boogie (from K70-15, Parsse)

Edition of 50.

Zacht Automaat - I Can Feel The Mold In Me C-40 (Cassette) $ 10.00 (Medusa 052)

Third tape in the Medusa series. The stunning epoch and decade defining 2010 release. Leap into the volcano with me and you'll see why these 3 tapes constitute the nexus blueprint and hope for intelligent life for this silly doomed species. Transport yourself if you will beyond illusion and thought itself into the vast toast of infinite bliss. Gathers momentum from the authorship and design of the two previous tapes while going deeper and stretching further than anything previously heard, ever. These three releases, and this tape in particular, simply cannot be overlooked or magnitude overstated. Instantly, insanely, brilliant, automatic soul evolution for your ears and brain.

Corrosive artwork and die-cut design by Horwood. Edition of 100

Zacht Automaat - Smart Candle C-40 Cassette $ 10.00 (Med 051)

Once in a while you happen to imbibe something that burns opens new pathways of creative and imaginative thought that you hadn't thought experientially possible. This is the sister release to Zacht Automaat's first Medusa cassette We're Glad You Agree. These 2 tapes complement each other perfectly and offer you a double dose of some of the modern world's deepest psych. A dense slab of brain damage that picks up where their first release left off. Carl Didur and Mike Mcclean, the unit's psychic navigators inhale the vintage sounds of your favorite 70's psych/art/damage-world LPS and vomit them into a hot goop spilled into a frothy mind shake. Killer artwork and die-cut design by Horwood. Edition of 100


Zacht Automaat - We're Glad You Agree C-40
Cassette (Medusa 050)
(please include $5 US/$10 world shipping & handling)

Written, recorded and produced by Carl Didur and Michael Mclean, Toronto heavy session cats via The Hammer. Do you want to hear what the future of music sounds like? When you hear this tape for the first time, you'll be overwhelmed by it's complex psychedelic brain bombs and immediately cite the first two Soft Machine records, maybe Agitation Free and Xhol Caravan. Ultimately, the sounds contained on this C-40 belong to the artists themselves and YOU. If you buy 1 cassette this year, buy 2 of these!
Edition of 100


Various Artists - 'V/A' - 1 Sided 20 minute Cassette with Poster $10.00 (Med 026)

Various Artists is Beniffer Editions/HaloHalo Studio/Gastric Female Reflex/DJ Longhorne Grille's Andrew Zukerman. What follows is a 22 minute psychotropic snapshot into the mind of a man who has watched Ice Pirates one too many times with Mexican subtitles and a hangnail itch. I'm very excited to present this release for the listening public as it illuminates a facet of this exciting and young multi-mysteria artist that you haven't heard before. Step into the time-cube. 50 Copies for the world!


Doc Dunn with Jonathan Adjemian, James Anderson- 1 Sided C-22
Live at The Music Gallery April 28 2009. Recorded by Paul Hodge Mountains. Medusa 039 Artwork by Jeff Garcia, Edition of 60 $10.00

Deeper than the grave wherein my friend is laid cometh the latest portal from the Doc Dunn Lightborn archives. Recent years have seen the humblest movements from this rogue Canadian string player. This is an intense document from a bill from last year shared with Mountains and myself. True space-church spiritual music that will find the perfect place inside the tape deck of your mind. Edition of 60


Ashtray Navigations - For The Skeletons Of Old Rhythm Guitarists 7"

Lathe-Cut 45. (Medusa 013) (please include $7 US/$10 world shipping & handling) Mr. Phil Todd is a contemporary mystic from Leeds, England. 3 Tracks presented for your listening pleasure on 1 Lathe-cut 7" 45 RPM with artwork by Mr. Todd himself, packaged by Jacob Horwood. Side 1 Detox Mr. Mustard, Side 2 English Dinner, Apocalypse Pizza. Limited to 20 copies for the world! Act Now!

Digital copy with purchase Cut at PJ

Not The Wind Not The Flag - Burn & Return

Cassette 1 Sided C-20 (Medusa 016) $7.00 (please include $5 US/$10 world shipping & handling). Edition of 75.

Engineered and recorded by James Anderson at the Observatory in downtown Toronto, 2010. Brandon Valdivia and Colin Fisher play in Glass Tomb as well as a myriad of other dynamic musical configurations. The first in a proposed batch of releases by these incredibly fluid and versatile artists. This tape is meant to coincide with a short upcoming tour so make sure to grab a copy and support them when they come to your town. Their music is open, free, and tho' spontaneous improv and composition is their game, when these two play together, they incinerate the rulebook of sound. This tape finds them in peak form playing Purple Trap style mind bombs! Key.

Glass Tomb - 2000 and Tomb C-50 Cassette (Medusa 015)

(Please include $7 US/$10 world shipping & handling). Edition of 50.

The essential sister release to July's massive Dealers. Unstoppable free jazz mystic psych. Carefully mastered from the shoebox tapes archive, taken from rare 2009-2010 live dates. Tune in or tune OUT.


Ayal Senior - Botched Raga #2

Medusa 06//inyrdisk 035) $5 (please include $5 US/$10 world shipping & handling) Edition of 50.

Artwork by Randall Gagne. 1 Track, 23 minutes. What can I say? I really dig working with Kevin Hainey and inyrdisk. We'll keep makin' 'em if you keep grippin' 'em.



Ayal Senior - False Ego Dub/Hypnotic Regression #2 Medusa 012
Handcut 7" lathe by pj mansion in montreal. with intricate multi-color foldout artwork by Jacob Horwood. $20.00 (include $5 US/$10 world shipping & handling)

Two songs, 4 minutes per side. These recordings were composed spontaneously in my apartment one evening after dinner several weeks ago using various instruments obtained from the House Of Raga while under the intoxicating influence of The Folk Spectre. cut at PJ Mansion on 7.2-3.10. Edition of 20.


U.S. Girls - Smoker's Choice Live Vol. II, One Sided C-20 Cassette, Medusa 010 19 minutes. $5.00

Recorded by me on 8.17.08 here in lovely downtown Toronto at Teranga's African Bar, staple weirdo haunt visited by many astral travellers. Incidently, an excerpt of the performance is available here. Filmed by myself exclusively for dreamweaponfilm and medusa worldwide. I can only say for myself and the 20 people who will hear this, that, it's smoker's choice #2. Edition of 25

Glass Tomb - Dealers, Medusa 007 C-60 Cassette, $7.00

Two-Side long Jams from March 18, 2010. 'Dealers' at 25:14 and Time Rippers '23:28'. Recorded by yours truly at the Disguises/Gravitons jam space in downtown Toronto with heavy session cats Jack Vorvis, Randy 'Man Made Hill' Gagne, Kevin Hainey (inyrdisk) Billy Smoke and myself. I edited this beast down from an 80 minute session so haters back off about the length! Comes with a fold-out poster designed by Jacob Horwood. Edition of 50

Ayal Senior - Space Crystals, Medusa 004, CD-R, $5.00
Part one in the 'music for blown headz' series. A hallucinatory odyssey into the world of a paranoid video store clerk whose economic and existential depression mutates into a black hole electronic psychotronic vessel for transportational information. Cosmic subconscious music for new thirsty lobes. (headz only) 10 Songs, 60 Minutes. 25 Copies. artwork by seedaylight.

Woods - Smoker's Choice Live Vol. 1, 'Blue-Bootleg C-40 Cassette'. Medusa 005, $10.00 (Sr.'s Pix #1) 33 minutes. Recorded by yours truly on 5.21.09, The Casbah, Hamilton, 8.8.09, Sneaky Dee's, Toronto, ON and 3.14.10, The Horseshoe, Toronto. A surprising, psych'd out, undocumented side of Woods that will draw you closer to the mysterious center of this most beloved of bands. 5 tracks of extended jammerz featuring the songs you know and love. Comes with three silk-screen photo trading cards of the band. Collect 'em all! ultra-ridiculous 25 copies only!

OOP Ayal Senior - Surgical Stereo - MEDUSA 003, CD-R. $5.00

Two color silkscreen, diamond-cut out design with vanity tray insert in a transparent sleeve by Jacob Horwood. Edition of 70. $5.00

80 minutes of brain-drip-acid/puke guitar, synth and drone. Recorded Summer 2009 Winter 2010. 12 Tracks featuring the multi-platinum smash 'Space Jokers Ride Again.'

OOP Ayal Senior - Jacob's Ladder - (Medusa 001, CD-R) $5.00 Edition/70
Recorded this past summer 2009, before, during, and after the birth of my daughter Azaria. I guess it's kind of a tribute to bands I've been listening to lately, Heldon, Chrome, Ashtray Navigations. Recommended. You decide! (Artwork by Jacob Horwood)

Ayal Senior - Cathexis Vol. I CD-R - Medusa 002, CD-R

7x7" front cover designed by Plastic Crimewave, marbled and printed by Jacob Horwood with a printed vanity cardstock CD tray. Edition/70

The Epic drone-noise-psych monster. A mysterious disk that has existed in various forms over time. Assembled from the master tapes that lay dormant in the shoe box tapes vault for over a decade. Don't miss your last chance to purchase this classic recording - at a classic price!

5 Tracks, 70 Minutes, Covert-art by Plastic Crimewave. 99 Copies. $ 5.00